Autumn round up

Michelle tells us about Make a Move’s work so far in Autumn 2016.

Work in schools

group of school children dancingWoah! Here we go then, the start of another academic year! We have met our first groups of children keen and ready to jump on board the Make a Move train!

It’s the early days of being in a new class so lots of social skills need to be learnt, really fast, for the year ahead – so we’ve been working on lots of team-building and getting to know you stuff.

We’ve been getting lots of enthusiasm for moving – so we are excited about our new groups of children.

Moving On Up work with mums with low mood

Our new eight-week course has begun – with tears of relief from some.  Mums have come, shared, moved, and have begun supporting each other at this massive transitional time in their lives. We feel very honoured and lucky to be a part of this process.

Work with older people with dementia

We recently had a meeting with Alziemers UK to discuss the start of our first movement sessions to be held in Weston, Bath. These are coming very soon and are funded by the Bath Half fund. Thank you to them.

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