Make A Move team attend Breathe Conference 2016

In February Pavilion Dance South West hosted their annual 2016 Breathe event at the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre in Taunton.

PDSW-Logo-800x535-960x540The Breathe event was a chance for dance practitioners in the South West who specialise in working in health and well-being settings to come together, feel part of a wider body of similar people, find out information, take part in workshops to get new ideas or just to relax, sit back and watch films and a performance.

Make a Move where very honoured to be asked to facilitate a workshop at the conference, focussing on well-being and self-care for dance and movement practitioners. This was a fantastic opportunity for the team at Make a Move to meet with many dance and movement practitioners across the South West, sharing ideas, experiences and stories about what self-care and well-being means to us all.

During the session participants shared their thoughts and experiences on what they do to support their well-being and self-care. Some thoughts included

• boundaries around reading and writing emails
• taking time to attend yoga sessions
• a glass of wine
• managing transitions throughout the day
• acceptance and compassion for how we are feeling
• owning our stuff and what can potentially trigger us in the sessions we deliver
• remembering to take the cape off and realise we don’t have to be a super hero all the time!

We also asked participants to share with us what they would like to do for the rest of the weekend to time to recharge and support their well-being.

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Make a Move practitioners shared their thoughts and experiences of the day:

Lovely to move, talk, watch and just be. Being part of the wider dance community and having opportunity to share practice and ideas. Beautiful performance by Six-0 Dance Company and a really nice end to the day. Kara

It was great to start the day moving which enabled me, after a very busy week, to move from my head to my body. It was very inspiring to meet with other practitioners to share ideas and have ‘real’ conversations of how we can bring compassion for ourselves and the importance of recharging and self-care for our well-being. It felt like the day was a wonderful way to celebrate the dance and movement community and the many fantastically talented people who are part of it. Jules

Such a pleasure to be moved by Lois Taylor, a very bright shiny star in Dance world.  Thank you so much for organising again Zannah. Michelle

Breathe – a coming together of practitioners working in dance with a health focus… the chance to move, chat, listen, observe, connect, re-frame a few things, always welcomed. And a moving, human and inspiring performance by the company of elders, Six-0, a lovely note to end on… Esther

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