Connecting with Make a Move

On Saturday 19 March we held our first ever Connecting with Make a Move day.


The day was held at the fabulous Breathe Bristol – a higgledy-piggledy 17th century building in the heart of Bristol – located in a little lane reminiscent of Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter books.

We started the day with a team-only session in the morning, checking in and dancing and bonding as a team.

In the afternoon we welcomed our guests and Michelle, Make a Move‘s founder, introduced the charity and told the story of how it all came about.

Sarah Haddow, one of our amazing dance practitioners, who works with mums with PND, and children in schools, says:

thumb_IMG_7999_1024“Together in a room, an array of personalities and professions, with a body and heartbeat ready to embark on a new experience for Make a Move.

This was our first time to offer a chance for people from all different movement backgrounds to Connect with Make a Move and explore moving together. The space was filled with stories about why we move and what we do as a charity, it was fascinating to hear how dance has helped others and the journeys people have been on to find their way to moving in their bodies.

We shared the timeline journey of Make a Move; we heard each practitioners stories of how they came to working with Make a Move, and even shared a very touching film of our work with mothers with post-natal depression.

Michelle facilitated the session in encouraging us to find our inner dance and move together in a warm-up and then moving on to working in pairs. There were some amazing exchanges of non-verbal connections, seeing people smile, talk, dance and explore that key moment of relationship.

thumb_IMG_8012_1024As a team we walked away truly uplifted by offering this intuitive and inspiring workshop. It confirmed to us how many special practitioners are out there doing incredible work, to show how moving, dancing, sharing the space together can be an intrinsic part of our human existence and well-being.”

Michelle Rochester says

“It was the first time I had decided to share my personal story in public, and it couldn’t have been a better safe place to do so. The day felt real and firmly in the moment. It consolidated my feeling of us as a charity being ready for our next step in our journey to reaching out and helping others. 

The time we took in the morning for ourselves was precious. It allowed us to take time at the end of the week and return to ourselves, before taking care of others.thumb_IMG_8014_1024

thumb_IMG_8016_1024The people who arrived were perfect for our first networking dancing day.  You could feel the support, love and positivity in the room.  We moved, laughed, talked and shared the perfect ingredients for an afternoon of nurturing oneself.”

During the session there was time for discussion, sharing and dancing, and connecting over tea and delicious homemade cakes on a picnic rug on the floor.

We all felt inspired and moved (both physically and emotionally) to have been part of the day and really felt that our intention of making connections had been achieved.

We are keen to run similar events in the future and thank all those who came for being part of it.

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