Council to fund “Move it” for another year.

We will continue to support vulnerable children next year with the support of the School Sport Partnership and the council.

• To set achievable tasks by providing opportunities for freedom of expression through music can movement improvisation; by providing ownership of success, by providing a place and time for children to explore their emotions and express their inner feelings through play, dance and creativity.

• To provide a sustained and sustainable method of introducing children to opportunities in the world such as further education, performance and different lifestyles, and to extend their ambitions beyond their surroundings.

• To explore personal interaction through the language of music whilst working within a struc-tured framework; to overcome personal inhibition, increase in confidence and to open children to new ideas.

• To use music to engage pupils by employing a range of kinaesthetic strategies; by setting tasks to improve negotiation and social skills; by allowing pupils to explore their reality and fantasy through dance, movement and play; to provide a safe and creative forum for a child to explore their true self and support the neurological development of the child.

• To provide positive outcomes by introducing strategies to encourage all pupils to participate; by providing an opportunity to engage with their classmates and to explore relationships away from the classroom. Topics, themes and curriculum content can be taught and explored through move-ment, adding educational value to their experience and raising levels in education.

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