Dementia work gets new funding

Hospital Saturday Fund supports our dementia work

Michelle receiving a cheque from Sheeley of HSFWe’re delighted to say that in December Make a Move was awarded £2000 by the Hospital Saturday Fund to re-start its work with older people with dementia. A cheque was presented by Shelley Whittington of the Hospital Saturday Fund, to Michelle Rochester, Make a Move founder & CEO, on 14 December.

The funds will be used to deliver unique music and movement sessions to older people with dementia attending day centres in BANES.

We’ve been doing this work, with great results, for the last three years, but had been unable to run the project since September 2016 due to a lack of funding to pay our expert practitioners, Kara and Esther, who deliver the sessions.

Michelle said:

Hospital Saturday Fund logo“We are so grateful to the Hospital Saturday Fund for their support. These sessions have an incredible impact, including enabling beautiful moments of re-connection between the person with dementia and their carers or loved ones. It is a privilege to be part of those moments.”

Research shows that movement to music can help slow the progression of dementia, and can help maintain connections to the memories and who the person with dementia was before the illness. Through movement, older people with dementia can also maintain and even improve their physical experience and social engagement in life. Additional benefits of dance/movement therapy with older adults and people with dementia, including those in advanced stages, are an increase in vitality, self-expression, relaxation, alertness, self-esteem, social connection, alleviation of anxiety, loneliness, and isolation, flexibility and strength.

The Week In press coverage of dementia fundingWe received some positive press coverage about this news, from The Week In and Bath Echo. Thanks for your support.

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