Make a Move meets Google!

Did we mention we spent the morning with Google a couple of weeks ago?

The event was organised by BANES Volunteer Centre and held at Bath Guildhall.

The session was organised as a talking café – every table got two Google employees – known as Googlers – to pick the brains of.

google-distributionWe got to sit with the delightful Laura Roberts – Head of Brand & Marketing Insights  – and Eli Lassman – Head of Direct S&B Marketing, as well as coincidentally sitting with Glyn Young – Marketing & Communications Manager – and Louise Robertson – Communications Officer at Sirona – coincidental because our health visitor colleagues for our PND work are Sirona workers too.

The session was very productive and we got help thinking through what we are doing with our social media and other communications.

And Michelle had her picture taken with the mayor 🙂


Photo, from left to right:
Louise Robertson – Communications Officer, Sirona;  Laura Roberts – Head of Brand & Marketing Insights, Google;  Eli Lassman – Head of Direct S&B Marketing, Google;  Alan Hale – Chairman of Bath and North East Somerset Council;  Glyn Young – Marketing & Communications Manager, Sirona; Michelle Rochester – CEO Make a Move.

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