1-to-1 Body Movement Psychotherapy

Private one-to-one Body Movement Psychotherapy (BMP) sessions are available with Make a Move assistant CEO Sarah Haddow MA, PgDip, BA.

The body and mind can move at such a fast pace, we can sometimes struggle to find that moment to stop, be still and focus on our needs – to do something that will be kind to ourselves and useful in our everyday lives.

Sarah Haddow can offer you that time, space and focus, using Body Movement Psychotherapy.

Sarah Haddow looking at the camera, smilingI see the body and mind as a dualistic tool to support us in our well-being. My integrated practice is informed from the theoretical knowledge of body and mind connection, and being attuned to ourselves and others.

I have over 12 years’ experience working with children, and I have spent 7 years with Make a Move working with adults, particularly mothers with post-natal depression. I see the therapeutic relationship as a vital tool and work with a person-centered focus, tailoring sessions to meet your needs in a safe and comfortable environment.”

Sarah studied Body Movement Psychotherapy at Canterbury Christ Church University and the charity Dance Voice.

What is Body Movement Psychotherapy?

Body Movement Psychotherapy attempts to meet each person as a whole being. A Body Movement Psychotherapist will attend not only to your mind and your thinking, but also to your body, your feelings and your intuition. In short, all of you, including your conscious and unconscious mind. This may help you notice yourself – draw your attention to the way you are, rather than getting lost in a limited idea of how you think you are or should be.

Body Movement Psychotherapy can help both emotional and physical issues related to:

  • self-confidence
  • stress
  • experiences in early life
  • trauma or abuse
  • self-image
  • relationship difficulties
  • anxiety & depression
  • eating disorders
  • overwhelming feelings
  • unexplained physical symptoms
  • life-limiting conditions
  • the effects of separation and bereavement.

How will it work?

Sarah HaddowIn your first session we will spend the time, like any other psychotherapeutic process, talking about your concerns and problems, and our work together will develop from there.

Each person that I have worked with has come with their own expectations and needs. Over the time we discover together our own individual way of working together to best support you.

I work with a focus on the relationship between therapist and client. Our sessions may include exploring body awareness, breath work, movement, and talking. The simple use of body awareness can open up a whole neglected world of information, both for client and therapist.

Therapy needs to be right for each individual and an openness to what you want and might discover is the key to finding a balance in your well-being. I can discuss this further with you at your initial appointment.

For further information please contact: sarah@makeamove.org.uk

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