With Children

Supporting young people in schools

Make a Move works in primary and secondary schools, special schools and specialist units for pupils with challenging behaviours. We have worked with hundreds of children in Bath & North East Somerset. We have helped pupils see improvement in following ways:

  • 2 little girls, dancing with a scarfpersonal, social, thinking, communication and self-management skills.
  • life and employability skills
  • raised aspirations
  • an appreciation their own individuality.
  • confidence and self-esteem,
  • skills to work both independently and in a group.
  • enthusiasm and motivation about being a part of their communities.



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Effects of PE for pupils

Youth Sport Trust copy

from the Youth Sports Trust

Case study

Paige’s Story

Paige’s over-eagerness to help was leading to incidences of being taken advantage of by others.  She had low self-esteem and lacked any confidence with her physical ability.  She has been attending an after-school session for an hour a week.  She was hesitant to dance with the more able students as they generally did not work together, even having separate lunchtimes. By encouraging positive, supportive working relationships, Paige is no longer at risk of being taken advantage of by others in the group, and it is more likely now that they would defend her rather than take advantage. She was reserved at first and reluctant to attend if her friends were not there; this is no longer a problem as she never misses a session and is proud of her dance work. She has performed in front of 2,000 audience members and is a much happier, more confident young person.

Paige’s Dad happily commented “Paige is definitely more confident; very proud of her. Self-esteem is better; she used to say always, ‘I’m useless, I’m fat’. Helps that she is doing something that can’t be done if you are any of those things.  She now gives herself enough credit for her ability to try new things!”

Jacob’s Story

John is autistic, and found it so hard to tolerate a person being close to him that he would lash out violently, even if someone was just walking by.  He was only touched to prevent harm to himself or others. No member of staff had ever seen John smile or appear at ease.

Make a Move worked with John in his school setting.  We allocated one movement practitioner to him to build a relationship with him.  She encouraged mirroring of movements to music, without touching.  He began to feel safe with the routine, which was then extended and by the end of six weeks, John was able to move whilst touching hands with his practitioner.

During this time, John’s concentration span doubled, and there was a marked improvement in his temperament and general behaviour.  When Make a Move finished working in his school, John had stopped being violent and was no longer seen as a threat by pupils or staff.  His keyworker’s highlight moment was when John was on a mat with four others and began to sing: “There were five in the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over”.


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