With Older People

There are huge benefits for older people by engaging in exercise.

However, research shows, as with any age group, that engagement with exercise is proportionate to the enjoyment of the participants. Dance and movement to music has been proved to provide a means of people enjoying exercise and so the maintained participation rate is quite high. Dance and movement also helps to improve balance, something which becomes very important as people get older due to reduced bone density and the increased risk of trauma from falls.

Older woman, dancing with her handsMovement to music has also been shown to assist with a slowing of the progression of dementia, and for people suffering from dementia,  research has shown that music and associated movement are often the final connections to be maintained. Through movement, older people maintain and even improve their physical experience and social engagement in life.

Additional benefits of dance/movement therapy with older adults and people with dementia, including those in advanced stages are an increase in vitality, self-expression, relaxation, alertness, self-esteem, social connection, alleviation of anxiety, loneliness, and isolation, flexibility and strength.

Make a Move aims to continue its and work, and to further develop partnerships with almshouse providers, care homes, residential homes and social care organisations, to bring music and movement as far afield as possible.

In 2015-2016 we delivered a programme in Hazelmeir Day Centre, Pinelea Day Centre, Midsomer Norton and  Peggy Dodd Day Centre, Combe Down.


“This is good isn’t it!


‘Thank you for your company, you helped me a lot.  Will you be back next week?’


‘I’ve really enjoyed it. Can you come every week?’,  ‘We should start a dance school!’


‘I’m very happy to be here’


‘Thank you. You’ve brought smiles to all the client’s faces’

Rachel, manager at Peggy Dodd day centre

‘They are getting so much out of it and they’ll carry on dancing after you’ve gone’

Nick, care assistant Peggy Dodd

‘Thank you so much, that was lovely’

Mandy, care assistant at Pinelea

This is the first year that Make a Move will be committed to an all encompassing project throughout Bath & North East Somerset.  So, we will let you know shortly of our success stories.

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