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Make a Move are reflective practitioners

Not everyone will know that, as well as delivering innovative, quality movement for wellbeing sessions to all sorts of groups, at Make a Move we also pride ourselves on our reflective practice – deep and thorough investigations and research into what we do, why and how we do it, and why our methods are so beneficial and effective in improving wellbeing.

We keep track of scientific research in areas such as neuroscience, we contribute at policy level, we have regular meetings with external supporters to scrutinise and analyse our work, and we keep stats and analyse what those who take part say about how our work effects them.


In October 2016 we looked at statistics relating to the work we’ve been doing with mums with low mood.

  • moving with mums with low moodReferred in Year One: 110
  • Attended: 68
  • Completed course: 48
  • Overall retention rate:  71%
  • Average drop of 5 points in EPDS scale recorded before and after three groups

The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale is used to determine whether a mum is suffering from post natal depression. If a mum scores over 12 then she is deemed depressed. Our eight-week courses showed an average drop of 5 points on the scale – this is a clear indication of an increase in feelings of wellbeing – an improvement which benefits the mums themselves, of course, but also their babies and other family members, with wider ripples out into their communities.

The course retention rate of 71% is also notable. Mums with low mood may also experience lack of motivation and confidence, but they keep coming back to us – because of the feelings of wellbeing and human connection that we build.


It may look like we’re having great fun – and we are! – we love what we do – but we are also thoughtful and conscious that our work is significant and important to individuals and to the community.

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