Sarah Haddow reflects on our 5th birthday

In our birthday month, Sarah Haddow, Make a Move’s resident Dance Movement Psychotherapist, reflects on our first five years.

“We are five!

First connections

Sarah HaddowMy journey with Make a Move began seven years ago when I was teaching in a local school in BANES. As I left for the day the receptionist handed me a business card – it was from some woman called Michelle Rochester!

I was a part of the start, when Michelle first started setting up the charity. I didn’t know much about what was happening but I knew I wanted to be a part of it. It has been incredible to watch how Michelle has driven this work to where it is today, with so much commitment, compassion and dedication to what she and everyone at Make a Move believes in.

Moving On Up

I officially began delivering work for Make a Move on one of our most successful projects, ‘Moving on up.’ I was on maternity leave when Michelle was beginning the planning for the project, along with Jess Brodrick from BANES council and Robyn Pound, our Sirona Health Visitor.

One day I was sitting in Michelle’s home, handing over the post-natal research I had collected while working as a Movement Psychotherapist at Southmead Hospital. All Michelle said was ‘go on maternity and when you come back it will all be set up for you.’

I was apprehensive at the time, thinking about making the huge decision to drop all my freelance projects and come to work for Make a Move full-time. It just so happened Moving On Up had successfully completed its pilot and the council were funding another course – this was the right time for me to return.

We practice what we preach

Make a Move is fantastic at many things but certainly one aspect is the welfare of all the team. We take care of one another and make sure everyone has a place to share anything they might be going through. We very much practice what we teach – what we try and offer to all our mums in Moving On Up is what we try and mirror throughout the charity. When I returned from maternity leave my son was six months old, and Michelle understood that the work I committed too had to be worth it for me to be away from William.

And it was!

Thanks to the Lottery

In April 2015 we got Big Lottery funding! It felt like all our dreams had come true –  after two years of never knowing if we could continue to help mums with post-natal depression we finally got what we deserved – three years of funding with the potential to help hundreds of mums!

Now, a year into the newly-funded project, we have become so much stronger in knowing what it is we do, and we are seeing the results and the benefits of the work we do with the mums we work with.

The future of Make a Move is still as exciting as it was five years ago, however now we are a bigger team. We all believe in the same vision that Michelle has had most of her life – to help others less fortunate – and we sacrifice many things to do this, but we all would continue to do it if it meant that more projects were set up and more people were helped by what Make a Move does.”

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