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Brian Madigan

Composer & music consultant

Involved with Make a Move right from the start (whenever that was)!

Has your role changed over time? If yes please give a wee synopsis.

Yes, I previously provided workshops with children at Fosseway but now have a more passive role, making my music available for Make a Move‘s work and taking part in strategy meetings.

What were you doing before Make a Move?

I was – and still am – working as a freelance musician and composer. My core business is Dance Notes, with which several key Make a Move practitioners are involved. This provides resources (including music) to primary schools for the purpose of teaching Dance at Key Stages 1 & 2. In addition, I perform in a number of bands, including Rivers of England and Cartwheel Ceilidh, as well as solo, as ‘a Band named Brian’.

How did you find your way to Make a Move?

I have been working with founder Michelle Rochester since before Make a Move began and was involved in its formulation.

Do you have core values/philosophies or approaches that you bring to your Make a Move work?

The workshops I provided were centred on creating an environment in which children could find expression through sound, unencumbered by the usual strictures of vocal or instrumental technique. Making my broad catalogue of pre-recorded music available is my way of contributing to the charity on an ongoing basis.

Tell us about your relevant qualifications.

I have a BMus from Middlesex University and am a member of the Musicians Union, PRS/MCPS and PPL.

What do you love about your work with Make a Move?

I love the fact that my music takes on a life of its own beyond the studio and is used to facilitate creative expression in those that may not otherwise have that experience.

Finish this sentence: I know it’s been a good day when…

… a teacher writes to say how well their pupils have responded to a particular piece of music I composed.

What are your hopes for the future of your work with Make a Move, and the organisation as a whole?

I hope that the organisation may continue to grow at a sustainable rate and that my music will continue to aid that progression.

Is there other work you do that you’d like to tell us about?

Dance Notes can be found at and there are some tracks and songs also at I am always interested in new challenges and collaborations, so would be pleased to receive emails on that topic at

What do you love doing outside work, what are your passions?

Cycling has always been my primary mode of transport and also something I love to do for recreation. I also love to swim, particularly in open water and I go mountain walking most years near to my wife’s family home in Bavaria. Tai Chi has been an important part of my life since before my children were born and – of course – listening to and playing music are my number one passion.

Tell us something about you that is surprising!

I am a qualified paraglider pilot.

If you were at a party, what tune would make you stop everything and run to the dance floor?

Lost In Music by Sister Sledge.


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