Sarah Haddow looking at the camera, smiling

Sarah Haddow

Assistant CEO & Dance Movement practitioner

Has your role changed over time? If yes please give a wee synopsis.

My role has very much evolved in partnership with the charity’s growth. I have been with Make a Move from the beginning, in 2010, and supported Michelle in her vision for the charity. Initially my role was as a movement practitioner working with schools, and then moved on to developing our mothers with post natal depression project, and engaging children in the curriculum. My role has evolved more since my son was born and since taking on more responsibility.

What were you doing before Make a Move?

I was a freelance movement practitioner and student, trying to make a living and surviving on my own! The job can be lonely at times and so when Michelle noticed me teaching one day it was great to finally have another practitioner to connect with and have a close relationship to reflect and discuss our practice.

How did you find your way to Make a Move?

I was teaching in a local school, when Michelle passed me and left her card with the receptionist. I gave her a call and auditioned for her and then that was it, we met weekly to discuss our intentions and goals and our relationship grew from that point.

Do you have core values/philosophies or approaches that you bring to your Make a Move work?

My research and practice is focused on the body and mind relationship and the connection between the therapist and client. I enjoy watching a relationship grow either with themselves, another person or in a group, and the shifts and twists in the dynamics that take place in the space. I value the body and how it moves in the space in and around us.

What are your relevant qualifications/training?

BA Choreography and dance, MA Movement Psychotherapy, BTEC National Diploma Performing arts. Member of the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy, and People Dancing (the Foundation for Community Dance).

What do you love about your work with Make a Move?

The feeling of self worth and validation in my practice, and that each day I get to do the most incredible job. I feel extremely grateful for the work I do with what is an amazing charity.

Finish this sentence: I know it’s been a good day when…

I have seen children feel empowered and excited about being happy and that it’s ok to be who they are. When they say ‘I feel worth something’ and are proud of themselves for achieving certain goals.

When a mum smiles and says ‘I think I am doing ok, I am so grateful for this group. Without this group I know I would struggle.’

When I can feel the connection between the Make a Move team, when we are all in similar places and have that passion and dedication to make positive changes for other vulnerable people in the world.

What are your hopes for the future of your work with Make a Move, and the organisation as a whole?

I would like us to keep up with our present projects and continue sharing our model and philosophy with other people. This model can support and help anyone; it is not about a diagnosis or type of person it is about being human in a world, noticing ourselves and our mind and body as a whole.

Is there other work you do that you’d like to share?

I have a private practice offering one-to-one Body Psychotherapy sessions. This will be organised under and through Make a Move (click here for more inf0).

The body and mind can move at such a fast pace, we can sometimes struggle to find that moment to stop, be still and focus on our needs – to do something that will be kind to ourselves and useful in our everyday lives. I can offer you that time, space and focus, using Body Movement Psychotherapy.

What do you love doing outside work, what are your passions?

My work is very much my life, it is a relationship that offers self worth to who I am and I believe in the way we work, and l do live in that way. I love dancing in the morning with my son. I love being in the moment and seeing the small detail.

Tell us something about you that is surprising!

I came to dance late compared to others. I was always dancing constantly, I did dance from a very young but it was in my bedroom with a hair brush. I found other alternative ways to come to dance and found my own way in following what I absolutely loved to do.

If you were at a party, what tune would make you stop everything and run to the dance floor?

Who Do You Think You Are? by the Spice Girls (obviously!).

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