Weaving the Cradle: new book features Make a Move

We have an author amongst us!

Sarah Haddow We are particularly proud of Sarah Haddow, our assistant CEO, this month (we’re always proud of her, of course). Sarah has co-authored a chapter in a book on therapeutic practices to support mums and babies to bond, called Weaving the Cradle.

The book was published in April this year, by Singing Dragon.

Weaving the Cradle:

Facilitating Groups to Promote Attunement and Bonding between Parents, Their Babies and Toddlers

The book is by and for clinicians who work in perinatal and family services.
Sarah’s chapter reflects on movement psychotherapy practice in inpatient & outpatient perinatal mental health services, including her work with Make a Move, facilitating groups for mothers with post-natal depression in BANES.

Available here.

Our celebration event incorporates the local launch of the book (there is a big swanky national launch in London in June).

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