October 10 is World Mental Health Day.

All week we’ll be marking the date that’s so close to our hearts & what we do. We’ll be flooding social media with posts on the benefits of our work, as well as sharing articles and research.

We’re proud of our work supporting the mental health and wellbeing of new mums, children in schools, older people with dementia, local communities, and employees.

You’ll find statistics, references and research that confirms our effectiveness throughout our website – please do have a browse.

This week we’re adding these moving and powerful testimonials from women who’ve attended our programme for mums with PND. Please find time to take a look.

The focus for World Mental Health Day 2017 is workplace wellbeing.

Our recent newsletter includes some great information for employers on the subject.


Some useful links:

World Mental Health Day from the Mental Health Foundation – includes useful resources for employers.



World Mental Health Day from MIND – includes useful information on Workplace Wellbeing and tips for staying well in everyday life and at work.



World Mental Health Day from Time to Change – includes an Employers Pack encouraging colleagues to ‘be in your corner’.





World Mental Health Day from the World Health Organisation (WHO) – includes some strong stats on the effects a negative working environment can have on mental health.




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