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We have the opportunity to win funds from the Aviva Community Fund.

We’re asking for sAviva community fund voting pageupport for our ECC programme – Engaging Children in the Curriculum – helping disadvantaged children build the skills they need to grow and develop.

What we need from our friends is VOTES! There is no financial cost – and everyone has 10 votes – give all your votes to us, or share them amongst all the good causes that are also bidding for money.

Our Aviva Community Fund page is called Moving for Resilience.

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Sarah Haddow tells us more about this aspect of Make a Move’s work.

2 little girls, dancing with a scarf“Make a Move works in primary and secondary schools, special schools and specialist units for pupils with challenging behaviours. We have worked with hundreds of children in Bath & North East Somerset.

This term we have delivered three ECC (Engaging Children in the Curriculum) programmes, with children at St Andrews, St Mary’s and High Littleton primary schools.

Our focus has been on doing things for others and building positive relationships with each other.

Through this we have been supporting very young ones to settle into school and build up good listening skills.

With older children we have been exploring:

  • finding ways to cope with stressful situations
  • exploring different ways to deal with friendship groups.”

ECC sessions are for targeted groups of disadvantaged children. Each session uses a combination of creative movement, therapeutic dance and talking therapies. Make a Move practitioners are experts, experienced in responsive practice – meaning every session is specifically tailored to the children who are there, how they are at that moment, and whatever issues they bring.


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