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Working with Children

Make a Move delivers group sessions for primary and secondary school-aged pupils who may be finding life difficult. Our work can make a significant and lasting positive impact on pupils’ ability to flourish in school.


We help pupils improve in personal, social, thinking, communication and self-management skills, improving their ability to participate in the classroom and engage with their peers.


In each school session we use a combination of
creative movement, therapeutic dance and talking therapies. Make a Move’s practitioners are very experienced and responsive to group dynamics, so each session is tailored to the needs of each group.

Our Sponsors

Who keeps us going?

As a charity, we receive funding from several trusts and foundations:

Case Study – Paige’s Story

Paige attended weekly after-school sessions. She was shy at first. However, she attended every
session and became very proud of her dance work. She became a happier, more confident young person and performed to large audiences with her peers.

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For more information about our work in schools, please email info@makeamove.org.uk

Paige is definitely more confident; very proud of her. Self-esteem is better; she used to say always,
‘I’m useless, I’m fat.’ She now gives herself enough credit for her ability to try new things!

Wilf, Paige’s Father