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Working with Learning Disabilities

Having a learning disability can be isolating, leading to poor mental health. Our Healthy Happy Lives programme helps improve employment and volunteering opportunities for young adults with learning disabilities.


The main aim of this work is to cultivate the independence of young adults who have a learning disability.


We deliver dance-based therapy for young adults with learning disabilities, providing support for their social skills, mental health and wellbeing.

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Who keeps us going?

As a charity, we receive funding from several trusts and foundations:

Case Study

‘J is less frustrated and handles the frustration he experiences more effectively. He has the ability now to calm himself down. This ability allows him to be less reactive, think things through, make better decisions, and be more independent.’

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For more information about our Learning Disabilities programme, please email info@makeamove.org.uk

I live with my mum. I didn’t have a lot of time alone to make my own choices because I had to do what my mum wanted and go where she wanted to go. My mother was very impressed with my progress because I have now learnt how to make my own choices.

22 Year old participant on Healthy Happy Lives