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Working with Older People

Music and movement hold deep and lifelong associations and connections for people, and older people can maintain, and even improve, their physical wellbeing and social engagement by participating in our music and movement sessions.


For older adults and people with dementia,
movement to music can stimulate an increase in vitality, self-expression, relaxation, alertness and self-esteem, and a corresponding alleviation of
anxiety, loneliness, and isolation.


We work using reminiscence techniques, music, dance and movement to encourage memory and response in people with dementia. We use repeated routines of movement progressively throughout the sessions so that there is familiarity in each session.

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Who keeps us going?

As a charity, we receive funding from several trusts and foundations:

Case Study

In 2015 we delivered sessions in Hazelmeir Day Centre, Pinelea Day Centre, Midsomer Norton and Peggy Dodd Day Centre, Combe Down. Participants and their carers reported improvements in mood, which continued long after the sessions had ended.

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For more information about our work with older people, please email info@makeamove.org.uk

Thank you! You’ve brought smiles to all our clients’ faces!

Rachel, Manager at Peggy Dodd Day Centre